Vanquist is a multiplayer battlefield hovercraft game, for up to 16 players on LAN or Internet. Featuring a full physics engine Vanquist was written to provide fast furious and chaotic fun.

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Programmer and general jack of all trades.

Model and Concept Art.

Artwork and Textures.

The guys at Avery:
The best Beta Testers bar none.

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Although Vanquist was written to be portable to other platforms, at this current stage in development we are currently only making the Win32 versions available.

Minimum System Requirements:
Hardware: PIII 500 or greater (Will run on less but not tested).
OS: Windows 95,98,ME,2K,XP.
Graphics Card: Tried and tested on a nVidia Geforce 2 so anything of that generation or better should work.

Internet Server: OFFLINE

Proof of Concept Demo with Practice Mode:Download Server Offline
This is the first demo released. While it does have network capabilities, it was mainly a to show off the hovercraft physics. The record score in the practice session is 26 so if you can beat that send me a screenshot.

Current Beta: Download Vanquist Client V1.0.1.8 (Beta-003)
If you are a betatester, then grab the latest version. Make sure you read the documentation as it contains a list of the new features.

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