Vanquist is a multiplayer battlefield hovercraft game, for up to 16 players on LAN or Internet. Featuring a full physics engine Vanquist was written to provide fast furious and chaotic fun.

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Programmer and general jack of all trades.

Model and Concept Art.

Artwork and Textures.

The guys at Avery:
The best Beta Testers bar none.

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Welcome to the Vanquist Website

Vanquist is a multiplayer combat game where players do battle in armoured hovercraft. Game play is usually based around two teams trying to gain control of the battle zone. The Downloadable demo also contains several single player training zones, so that new hovercraft pilots can practice before heading for battle. The game is closely modelled to simulate the actual physics of a hovercraft a point worth remembering while your trying to get the hang of the controls.

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2nd November 2005 Wrench

The first Beta Version is now available to the beta testers, I you are a beta tester then you should already have the passwords needed to download the latest version. If not email me!.

Have Fun and try not to break it too much.


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28th June 2005 Wrench

I have now implemented shaders into the render engine, initial tests show a marked improvement to the game objects. Further use of shaders is planned to enhance the particle and other effects.

The APC/Tactical Battlefield Nuke is progressing, the APC model is almost finished, possibly needs some texture rework. The launch sequencer is well underway and produces some nice effects when the rocket motor lights. Some more work is required to fully implement the missile into the physics engine. I wanted to do this so that a lucky shot could knock the missile off track, which would not be possible if the missile followed a hard coded trajectory.

It has also been decided to re-do the GUI interface, in the early stages of development a simple GUI was used with just enough function to provide the basics. This was fine for the initial demo but as the time approaches for a full release, the interface is looking a little amateurish. Plus its about time I had a flexible API that I could use in a number of projects.

The search for a theme tune for Vanquist has started. Suggestions are welcome, Ideally we're after an unsigned band or artist that would like a bit of exposure. I was thinking of something in the Industrial/Electro/Dark genera but am open to anything.

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